Laura Pacchioni, MPA '16 @ MMC

Human Resource Management

Image/The MPA program at FIU offers a variety of specializations which serves our global community of diverse students and faculty.

As a student in the MPA program I've been able to incorporate my professional

experience into the academic curriculum because my professors are adamant about identifying and fostering the growth of the links between both realms.

The skills and knowledge I've gained through this program have qualified me for so many incredible opportunities and will follow me as I continue my professional career.

Jessica Munera, MPA '09 @ MMC

Image Obtaining my master's degree in Public Administration from FIU was one of the best decisions of my life.

It has opened many doors for me, and has helped me excel in my career in public service.

The faculty and staff at FIU truly believe in you, and the curriculum is designed in a

way to help you successfully complete your program.

Andrew Shedlock, MPA '09 @ MMC

The FIU MPA Program gave me a much greater understanding of how my employer as a public sector organization operates. Since becoming a supervisor, I use something every day that I learned in the MPA program. For anyone looking to advance in any governmental organization, there is no better program.

Mostafa Batouli, MPA '15 @ MMC

The decision to pursue MPA in parallel to my PhD in Civil Engineering was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The curriculum was well thought and the courses were well organized. The faculty are both very knowledgeable and very friendly. Staff are helpful and work to the highest standards.

Lasonya Rogers, MPA '14 @ Broward

The FIU MPA program is comprised of competent professors and staff that will help you every step of the way to achieve your goals of becoming a MPA graduate. I learned practical skills that I can apply to my job everyday.

Janice Fleuridor, MPA '14 @ Broward

Based on my experience, one thing I can tell students is the join the executive program if you can. There is nothing like engaging in a small, close knit cohort where we continually support each other along the way. In your cohort, you will make friends with other professionals and since we share the same courses each semester the bond only gets greater. I am still friends with a few people from my cohort and we continue to use our resources, connections and positions to help each other.