Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Policy and Management

Co-Chair: Dr. Shaoming Cheng, MPA Director
Co-Chair: Dr. Valerie Patterson

Human Resource Policy and Management is designed to give graduate students a range of policy-analysis and management skills. It provides training in alternative personnel systems, (civil service, collective bargaining, privatization and service contracting), personnel techniques for productivity improvement, current issues, and ethics and professionalism. This certificate emphasizes the application of behavioral science concepts and techniques to employers in a multicultural context.

Admission Requirements

All applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university and have an upper division GPA of at least 3.0. Applicants with GPA lower than 3.0 may be considered if they submit a GRE, LSAT or GMAT Score. Students must be admitted to the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program to start taking classes.

Note: Those students who apply for and are admitted to the Master of Public Administration degree program may have certificate courses credited toward an outside specialization in Human Resource Policy and Management. All the credits earned in a Graduate Certificate Program may be used in a master's degree program provided the student is admitted to the master's degree program prior to the completion of no more than 12 Graduate Certificate credits. All transferred courses must have a grade of B or better.

How to Apply

In order for you to be officially considered for admission to a Graduate Certificate program, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Submit an application online:
  2. Submit an application fee. A $30.00, non-refundable, application fee payable by check, money order, or credit card is required;
  3. Submit official transcript/s. Transcripts of all degree granting institutions must be sent directly from each college or university either electronically or in a sealed envelope to the Graduate Admissions Office (Note: If your undergraduate degree was from FIU you don’t need to do this because your student records are accessible by computer from the Department);
  4. Submit resume to the Graduate Admissions Office

Use the Graduate Certificate Application to keep track of the courses you complete. When you have completed all certificate courses, turn in this form to the Department of Public Administration. You will receive your Certificate by mail after completion of the MPA program.

General Requirements

Students must complete their program of study within three years from the date of admission and earn a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. All course grades must be "C" or better.

Curriculum (15 credits)

The following courses are required

PAD 6156 Applied Organization Theory and Behavior 3
PAD 5427 Collective Bargaining and the Public Sector 3
PAD 6605 Administrative Law 3

Two of the following nine courses must be taken to complete the certificate.

PAD 5043 Government and Minority Group Relations 3
PAD 5435 Administration and the Role of Women 3
PAD 5460 Productivity Improvement 3
PAD 5616 Contracting and Managing Third Party Governments 3
PAD 6436 Professionalism and Ethics 3
PAD 6710 IT & E Government 3
PAD 5934* Contemporary Issues 3
PAD 6946 Internship 3

Students may take up to two electives outside the Department. These electives must be selected from a list of approved electives or must be approved by Certificate Co-Chairs.

Tuition and Fees

Visit the Office of Student Financials to use the online Tuition Fee Calculator tool.

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