FIU Public Administration Professor Cited in President Obama 2016 Budget

The U.S. President’s Fiscal Year 2016 Budget cites a study which was co-authored by Alexander Kroll who is an Assistant Professor in FIU’s Public Administration Department. The study used data from the U.S. Government and Accountability Office to provide an early assessment of the GPRA Modernization Act, which is concerned with performance management practices in the Federal Government. Kroll and his co-author, Donald Moynihan (University of Wisconsin-Madison), reanalyzed the data and arrived at conclusions different from those of the Government and Accountability Office.

The study found “evidence that mid- and upper-level Federal managers engaged in the implementation of the priority goals, and exposed to data-driven reviews, were significantly more likely to ‘use performance data to manage programs and employees, and identify and solve problems’, suggesting ‘success…where prior [Federal] reforms have struggled’. Prior reforms tended to increase the passive collection and reporting of performance information but not its active use, which is more likely to lead to performance improvements” (Budget Proposal, Analytical Perspectives Chapter, p. 60).